Dear Boston

Boston, may your hearts be filled with peace and comfort in this time of distress. Know– you are not alone, we are with you. We are those who have experienced your moment, those who share in title, not only fellow American, but fellow human being. May the loved ones mourning the loss of family and friends somehow experience solace. May the parents who’s worst nightmare is upon them, have joy instead of deep sorrow, when remembering sweet times with their precious boy. May those with life changing injuries be healed and fully live each day.
Why someone would methodically choose to cause such devastation on a day filled with so much cheer, we shall never understand the mindset that is bent on seeking and destroying. Feeble answers may linger in the air, but, will never be justified. May we keep an unfathomable sense of this tragedy, in doing so, we keep our humanity alive. May we maintain the spirit of the Boston Marathon–embody an unfaltering human will to overcome.
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to the victims and families of the Boston Marathon attack.
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