Get Your Head in the Clouds


Ever been worn down to the nub, feeling your metaphorical pencil is no longer sharp, your point is really nonexistent, yet, somehow, you keep on functioning, not very effectively, in a state of pointlessness? I think it’s difficult to remain fresh and sharp, constantly in the zone. People of all walks of life get burned out from living life–be it school, work, or worthy causes. Even family and friends can wear you down. It’s hard to keep it all together, isn’t it? We all need a break or a charge to keep us moving forward with the daily responsibilities set before us.

Some of us are completely unaware of the need to take it easy or recharge our spirits, because getting burned out sneaks up on us slowly, if we don’t learn to recognize the signs we may end up with a joyless life. There are many forms of burnout: physical, mental, emotional; and all of them can wreak havoc on our person. The good news is most of what is taking us to the depths can be changed through simple choices–choices that brighten the person we are on the inside. For some, that could be spending time dancing in the kitchen to loud music, having lunch with a friend, or reading a book in one sitting. I believe we, as a society, get so hung up on productivity and accomplishments that, in the name of productivity, we ignore and turn our backs on the things that bring us joy.

Interestingly, the one complaint I hear most from adults is that they, myself included, are so tired. If we make a conscious effort to engage daily in the things that bring us joy, I wonder if we would feel as beat as we do.

Children, too, are not immune to fatigue and burnout. The rigors of school, homework, packed after-school schedules, and back to school again, can take a toll on a little life that might just need to take a breath and make a paper airplane, spill Legos all over the floor, or pick blades of grass and look at cloud animals in the sky.

Do you remember the last time you gazed into the sky seeking a rabbit? Don’t have time for that? Maybe taking the time to choose a joy builder will give you the extra jump to accomplish the next mundane task you have. Making joy a priority in our lives is an empowering choice toward living a worthwhile life.

I could list the signs of burn-out and list the ways to bring joy into life but I believe most of us are living burned out lives and what brings joy to one person isn’t exactly the spirit lifter for another. I will simply ask, do you feel tired, fatigued, hitting the wall, beat, exhausted? Then perhaps it is time to embrace some simple joys and get our heads back in the clouds.

Enjoy spring break!

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