Children’s Amusing Choices

“Would you rather eat a furry tarantula or lick a squirrel?” These are the bizarre but fairly normal questions circling our meal times.  Responses and explanations are just as amusing as the question themselves.  Choosing to be a rebel on this occasion, I bowed out and refused to give-in to the pressure– “You have to choose one,” whinned one child.  Today, I choose a squirrel and spider-free diet, thank you. There are more choices available beyond what others may offer, just like you all have choices in your life, I explain to my 3 boys.  Nicky, immediately informs me, he has no choices.  I get it.  Mom, dad, teachers, coaches and even his older brothers seem to run the show. Children often feel limited in their choice making ability based on their position.  Especially, if the circumstances of their lives are filled with stress; abuse, lack of sleep, lack of basic nutrition, etc.  Many children are not even aware of the simple fact, that they do make choices each and every day, and their future choices are wide and very possible. As parents and teachers, may we remind our children, often, of their ability to make choices and encourage the self-empowering ones along the way, minus the furry spiders.

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