No One’s Fool

No One’s Fool

One part Vegas magician, two parts genius and a dash of Olympic runner would vaguely describe, former MHS principal, Peter Diskin. He would magically appear in the halls when we least expected it, phasing through solid lockers to be present! With the prowess of an expert chess player, he was always several steps ahead of his student body. Yet, that never stopped us from attempting to outwit the master on April fool’s Day. We plotted and planned, amused with our own cunning, only to realize the sting of his retribution. Mysteriously, our lockers were completely empty! How did he know it was us? Try using, the principal, has my books and homework as an excuse. He was indeed, fun!
I’ll never forget a time in his office, having a screaming match with a fellow classmate. He sat calmly in his chair and let us have it out, then he casually excused us and, as I left his office, he stopped me, looked me straight in my eye and, told me how proud he was of me for standing up for myself. That was over 20 years ago, a defining moment because it replaced the hurt of having to defend who I was and it gave me courage to speak up more often. In fact I can’t even remember the girl’s name I was arguing with.
What kind of principal, teacher, parent or boss are you? Are you there for your people through the good, bad, and, ugly? Do they feel connected enough to have fun with you and understand you are also someone present for real problems? Will you be that principal, 20 years from now, someone can write about the incredible gifts you gave them for a life time?
Have fun today! Keep it nice. Keep it wise and choose to make a difference!
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