More than Cruel – Change for the Bully

Often we hear about and can identify with the victims of bullying, but we have little or no understanding of or compassion for the bullies, themselves. As a society, we have wagged our fingers and submitted judgment, with superficial consequences, but we hardly dig deeply enough to root out the reasons and causes; and if those causes seem wildly insurmountable, we shrug our shoulders and give trite excuses: “Kids will be kids,” or “Kids can be cruel.” We do an incredible disservice in limiting our children’s behavioral choices. The Turning Stone Process believes in the ability of children to make choices that require critical thinking, creating a generation of children attaining inner fulfillment through their positive choices.
If we limit our children’s choices, saying, “Kids can be cruel” and the like, they will neither seek nor accrue knowledge of the multiple choices that do exist. This mentality merely perpetuates the problem and squelches positive change. Everyone has the power to transform–especially children. Scott Callahan, a high school senior and former self-proclaimed bully, is making such a change. When he became conscious of the damaging effects of his actions, he stopped his abusive behavior and wanted to influence others in a positive direction. Take a look at his inspiring story.
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~Sammy @TURNING STONEchoice

One thought on “More than Cruel – Change for the Bully

  1. Such a thought proving post, bullying is a serious issue, and it is normally just brushed right off. I have just written a post on bullying at work as I feel the topic doesn’t seem to receive enough acknowledgement!…Does bullying still even exist when you’re an adult? Have a read and please voice your opinion on the topic! Thanks

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