TURNING STONE Process – The Gift of Time

What would you do with the gift of time? Pondering that question, I would like to offer the TURNING STONEchoice Process (TSC Process) as just such a present. Outside the pretty packaging and topped big bow is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Teachers who utilize the TSC Process do, indeed, receive the gift of time, as do the students benefiting from the program.
Educators have no need of additional subjects on their required teaching lists. Yet, due to societal issues, certain needs must be addressed in addition to teaching the basic, core subjects. The incorporation and flexibility of the TSC Process works with the current curricula, respecting the increasing time restraints of educators. No added curriculum or scripts, just a tremendous added benefit to the climate in a classroom and considerable advantages with use. Teachers currently using the TSC Process affirm the effectiveness and ease of the program.
[Check our website for teacher testimonies under Our Supporters/Educator Success @ http://www.turningstonechoice.com.]
Students are eager to have the time to examine their own thought processes. Eighth grader, Brandon shared, “I always get punished for stuff I do. Now, I think about the punishment first and don’t tease the kids.” Considering that our society is in chronic GO-mode and DO-mode, people hardly take 30 seconds to be still and breathe, much less think. In fact, take 30 seconds right now to sit quietly and breathe. For many of us, that little exercise was a bit uncomfortable because we are hard-wired to react and move instead of quietly think. Our children are picking up those tendencies, contributing to the habitual state of mind merely reacting to others and circumstances, versus interacting. It takes time and thought to do the latter.
Individuals who take time to review their own thoughts can make positive choices reflective of that internal process, instead of responding quickly to external factors. The gift of time to think spreads across the moment and will influence choice after choice in the future. Over time, and with practice, positive choice-making becomes a way of life that builds self-esteem. Time with the TSC Process is time well spent!

For more information on TURNING STONEchoice and its process, visit http://www.turningstonechoice.com
~ Sammy @ TURNING STONEchoice

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