Losing Lance – Part I

We exalted Lance Armstrong for his tremendous accomplishments in cycling; and, today we castigate him for doing so under false pretense.  His confirmed and recent confession to using banned substances has become headline news.  I vaguely remember the initial accusation:  He violated rules and regulations when winning the Tour de France.

I also remember thinking, “No, he didn’t.”  I wanted to believe that he conducted himself rightly and let’s face it:  I really wanted to believe the comeback from cancer without the allegations of cheating.  Who doesn’t want to believe in a David and Goliath story?   Unbelievably, he survived and was pronounced cancer free when given only a 40% chance to live.  Downright inspiring and miraculous!   He wins a grueling competition seven consecutive times after kicking cancer.  We want to believe that humans are capable of wondrous and unexplainable things, because we all need a little inspiration.

Perhaps he could have accomplished success without the use of banned performance substances.  Unfortunately, we may never know since he is currently banned for life from WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) sports competitions.

For a decade—yes, ten whole years—he continued boldly and zealously to defend his innocence and actually sued individuals and businesses for attempting to bring the truth to light.

As I prepared to watch his exclusive interview with Oprah, I was curious which questions she may ask.  Personally, I wondered why he did it.  What were the obstacles in his mind that interfered with making positive choices?   Was it a hyper-competitive drive to be #1 at all costs?  Was it money and fame?  Was it the standard excuse, “Everyone else is doing it?”   I can hear my mommy-voice snapping, “If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you, too?”

Post-Oprah interview: I plan to use the TURNING STONEchoice Process to explore the possible obstacles or mind-fears that influenced his choices and present, “Losing Lance – Part II”.  We can review with an open mind and listen for the teachable moments and learn from his journey.

For more information on TURNING STONEchoice and its process, visit www.turningstonechoice.com

~ Sammy @ TURNING STONEchoice

One thought on “Losing Lance – Part I

  1. Jen says:

    As a mother, this post reminds me that we are shaping our kids lives, morals and values and hopefully providing them the best training in life to always live true to who you are and that winning isn’t everything but integrity is:)

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