TURNING STONE Process – The Gift of Time

What would you do with the gift of time? Pondering that question, I would like to offer the TURNING STONEchoice Process (TSC Process) as just such a present. Outside the pretty packaging and topped big bow is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Teachers who utilize the TSC Process do, indeed, receive the gift of time, as do the students benefiting from the program.
Educators have no need of additional subjects on their required teaching lists. Yet, due to societal issues, certain needs must be addressed in addition to teaching the basic, core subjects. The incorporation and flexibility of the TSC Process works with the current curricula, respecting the increasing time restraints of educators. No added curriculum or scripts, just a tremendous added benefit to the climate in a classroom and considerable advantages with use. Teachers currently using the TSC Process affirm the effectiveness and ease of the program.
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Students are eager to have the time to examine their own thought processes. Eighth grader, Brandon shared, “I always get punished for stuff I do. Now, I think about the punishment first and don’t tease the kids.” Considering that our society is in chronic GO-mode and DO-mode, people hardly take 30 seconds to be still and breathe, much less think. In fact, take 30 seconds right now to sit quietly and breathe. For many of us, that little exercise was a bit uncomfortable because we are hard-wired to react and move instead of quietly think. Our children are picking up those tendencies, contributing to the habitual state of mind merely reacting to others and circumstances, versus interacting. It takes time and thought to do the latter.
Individuals who take time to review their own thoughts can make positive choices reflective of that internal process, instead of responding quickly to external factors. The gift of time to think spreads across the moment and will influence choice after choice in the future. Over time, and with practice, positive choice-making becomes a way of life that builds self-esteem. Time with the TSC Process is time well spent!

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~ Sammy @ TURNING STONEchoice

Losing Lance – Part II

Losing Lance – Part II

There were numerous obstacles swirling through Lance Armstrong’s mind, helping to create non-self-empowering choices, even though he, himself, admitted to feeling, “invincible”.  Above the obvious uber-competitiveness to win at all costs is the more subtle yet very destructive need to control.

Armstrong’s self-defeating choices were developed and honed as a child.  When asked about his need to control he admitted to having a “fighter” mentality, and both he and his mother, due to life circumstances, when pushed against the wall, would come out swinging.  “So, you were like this as a child, ten, eleven years old?” Oprah asked.  Armstrong’s response was affirmative.  Ten-year-old Armstrong was in desperate need of a course of action, promoting positive choices that are self-empowering, like TURNING STONEchoice.  Perhaps the adult before the public eye would have made different choices if given the opportunity as a child to learn positive choice making goes beyond a basic understanding of right and wrong. 

He expressed, “I wanted to control the outcome and the narrative” (surrounding the allegations of doping and win).  When he could not control others from speaking the truth, he engaged in bullying behavior.  “When threatened, I attack”, he stated.   

 The Turning Stone Process encourages interaction over reaction and explains the idea to control people or circumstances is an illusion, and the only person one is able to control is oneself.   Control is a mind fear that results in non-self-empowering choices like bullying others to keep a lie intact.

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~Sammy @TURNING STONEchoice

Losing Lance – Part I

We exalted Lance Armstrong for his tremendous accomplishments in cycling; and, today we castigate him for doing so under false pretense.  His confirmed and recent confession to using banned substances has become headline news.  I vaguely remember the initial accusation:  He violated rules and regulations when winning the Tour de France.

I also remember thinking, “No, he didn’t.”  I wanted to believe that he conducted himself rightly and let’s face it:  I really wanted to believe the comeback from cancer without the allegations of cheating.  Who doesn’t want to believe in a David and Goliath story?   Unbelievably, he survived and was pronounced cancer free when given only a 40% chance to live.  Downright inspiring and miraculous!   He wins a grueling competition seven consecutive times after kicking cancer.  We want to believe that humans are capable of wondrous and unexplainable things, because we all need a little inspiration.

Perhaps he could have accomplished success without the use of banned performance substances.  Unfortunately, we may never know since he is currently banned for life from WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) sports competitions.

For a decade—yes, ten whole years—he continued boldly and zealously to defend his innocence and actually sued individuals and businesses for attempting to bring the truth to light.

As I prepared to watch his exclusive interview with Oprah, I was curious which questions she may ask.  Personally, I wondered why he did it.  What were the obstacles in his mind that interfered with making positive choices?   Was it a hyper-competitive drive to be #1 at all costs?  Was it money and fame?  Was it the standard excuse, “Everyone else is doing it?”   I can hear my mommy-voice snapping, “If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you, too?”

Post-Oprah interview: I plan to use the TURNING STONEchoice Process to explore the possible obstacles or mind-fears that influenced his choices and present, “Losing Lance – Part II”.  We can review with an open mind and listen for the teachable moments and learn from his journey.

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~ Sammy @ TURNING STONEchoice

Reaping the Benefit of Courageous Choices; Dr. Martin Luther King

Despite bomb threats, attack dogs, fire hose abuse, spitting, hitting, and incarceration; Martin Luther King chose to stand up for justice and equality. Despite the lives of his family being threatened, despite knowing very well that he would probably lose his own life; he still chose to become the voice of a generation, of a people who were at the time very counter-cultural because, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

I would like to think I could have made the same choices but in all honesty if I had been in his shoes; I do not know if I could have made those courageous choices; and the civil liberties that I enjoy now probably would not be in place.  My mother would be drinking from the “Whites only” fountain and my father, the “Negroes only” fountain; and I in turn might not even be here. I am the generation reaping the benefits of the civil rights accomplishments due to men and women with brave voices and empowering choices.  I AM GRATEFUL!

I ponder the reality of that era since I like many other children who grew up in the post-civil rights movement are disconnected to the history and experience.  But then, I think that was the whole point!  Was it not to fight for rights and freedoms future generations could enjoy without the agony and strife?

In honor and respect for this man I read the entire “I have a Dream” speech that has become famous.  I like you are very familiar with well known lines that stream every MLK day; “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise and live the true meaning of its creed:  We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal”.  Yet, reading through the whole speech I grew in knowledge and in awe of the beauty of his words and the truth that we are all connected together, this human race.

We have incredible choices and his words encourage making tough ones that require thought, compassion and at times sacrifice; “To not hate, to not seek revenge to not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred”.

The Turning Stone Process seemed to be innate to Dr. King’s philosophy to inter-act and not react to the immense hatred; to pause and not think from a place of pain and hurt; which many felt justified.  The TSC process calls individuals to inter-act, to make choices from the inside. Thus, creating positive choices and building better self-esteem from those choices and interactions.

We can hold Dr. King as an Ambassador of the Turning Stone Process as we come to celebrate and observe what many are calling a day of Service on January 21.   May we as American Citizens honor Dr. King through our own courageous choices; gifting the next generation with unparallel benevolence and a remarkable future.