Politics: Who’s right and who’s wrong?

The race for the White House may be one of the most visible competitions in today’s society. Sure, professional athletics is also highly visible, but there is something to be said about a contest that is predicated on ideas, values and most importantly, results.

It is easy to believe that the candidate who is elected in to office is the “winner,” or the “right person.” But this mindset could be dangerous for our youth who is constantly reminded by society that “winning” is synonymous with “good.” So are “losers” “bad?”

Don’t mean to get carried away with the quotations, but they do carry meaning.

TURNING STONEchoice teaches that winning/losing, right/wrong, good/evil are not so definitive, rather they are a point of view. We need to show our children that winning does not mean you are right, and losing does not mean your wrong.

Winning and losing are two natural results of competition. Right and wrong are an objective opinion and should never be scrutinized; they should be observed and respected. By doing so, we are protecting against a root cause of bullying, harassment, terrorism and violence.

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