A Word from the Authors of the Missouri High School Senior List

“I can’t say that I am the most popular guy at school. I don’t have the most friends, I don’t have the best grades, not many girls talk to me… I’m average.
Athletes build their reputation through their performance on the field. Smart kids get credit for their good grades. Popular guys will always be popular because of their good looks and personalities. But for someone not so gifted, I need to create my own image.
When I wrote the Senior List with my two friends, we got immediate attention. Everyone had a copy of the list in their book bag. It was the topic of conversation at lunch and our names were always mentioned.
Some girls were mad, but they did exactly as I planned. I knew that when this list came out, those girls had no other choice but to address me directly because of my critiques. They are reading and re-reading the words I wrote, no other option then to dwell over my reviews. I felt powerful.”
Though this may not be an accurate depiction of the real-life perpetrators in the recent Missouri High School Senior List incident, it is a mindset that fuels the bullying and harassment epidemic in this country. But how many of us can understand this perspective?
The TURNING STONEchoice program teaches us how to identify will all sides of the story in order to see the full-picture. It is not until we understand the reality of situations when our choices are revealed.

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