How critical can you think? A blog for making choices and being in control of your own living.

If individuals only think about themselves, are they being selfish? In our society today, the answer would most likely be yes, but is that really true?

Thinking about ourselves, for ourselves and by ourselves is what keeps people in control of their own living. No one else has the power to shape our actions besides ourselves.

An anonymous author once wrote, “The greatest knowledge we can give our children is knowledge about themselves. Such knowledge gives them the base for learning everything else important in their life.”  TURNING STONEchoice (TSC) holds this philosophy at the core of its program. Self-communication and interacting in (vs. reacting to) a situation is integral in solving everyday problems.

As part of the TSC program, educators and leaders are helping children identify their innermost feelings about realities they are facing.  The TSC program teaches children to make self-empowering choices resulting in inner fulfillment.

Making a self-empowering choice, or a choice that is made while in a positive state of mind, is the start of improving issues such as bullying, insecurity and peer pressure. These basic life lessons can foster a future full of enrichment in all aspects of learning, especially academically.

Keep following the TURNING STONEchoice program as we enter classrooms across the country to teach the most important lesson of all…learning about ourselves.

2 thoughts on “How critical can you think? A blog for making choices and being in control of your own living.

  1. llfdennis says:

    I hear an echo from Shakespeare’s Hamlet wherein Polonius advises his son, Laertes: “This, above all: to thine own self be true . . . .” Children who achieve self knowledge are better able to choose life pathways/vocations with which they will be happiest.

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